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Nursing Newborn


The team at Pacific North Wellness is here to support all new and expecting parents feel successful in their pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period. Our physiotherapists have additional education in assessing and treating pregnancy specific dysfunction. They can provide you with relief and create a safe exercise program to keep you strong during the pre and postnatal stages. Our Doula and Breastfeeding support practitioner hosts Dancing For Birth classes and offers support for breastfeeding moms!


Although Breastfeeding is a natural process,  it can be a journey full of many challenges and uncertainty.  Breastfeeding support helps address the issues or challenges you may be facing and offers tools and education to help you achieve your breastfeeding/feeding goals.  From latch, supply, nipple damage, breast compressions, how to know if baby is getting enough milk, supplementing, positions, plugged ducts/mastitis, pumping and everything in between,  breastfeeding support can help. 

Newborn Baby Cuddling Mother


Mother with her Baby


Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy can assess and treat many common issues that arise in the prenatal and postpartum period. Our physiotherapists can help you find relief from common dysfunctions such as low back pain, tailbone pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction, diastasis recti, incontinence, and painful intercourse. We can also create a strength program that is safe to do during the pre and postpartum period.


Dancing For Birth

Dancing For Birth™ class is your ‘trifecta’ of birth preparation. It’s feel-good prenatal fitness, childbirth education, and celebration of pregnancy, birth, and parenting, all rolled into one amazing class that supports you from pre-conception through postpartum and beyond.   


For pregnancy:

Dancing For Birth™ class nurtures your healthy pregnancy during all three trimesters as it enhances your emotional and physical wellbeing.  You will learn different ways to cope with your pregnancy and labour while learning helpful childbirth education along the way!  Move, laugh, relax and build confidence as you prepare for your birth! 


For the postpartum phase:

Dancing For Birth™ class includes postpartum fitness, and a welcoming community of new parents. Wear your baby to class for mutual health benefits and bonding. Attending DFB classes after birth is also a great way to connect with other moms, and moms-to-be

What's the Cost?

View our prenatal & postnatal support services and prices here.

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