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Female hiker stretching leg



Our goal has been to create a wellness facility where people feel welcomed, safe, appreciated and empowered. 


We’ve long had this dream of what healthcare should look like and are so excited for this model of care to be offered in the Fraser Valley. Pacific North Wellness is breaking away from the model of offering quick appointments, using machines, and creating dependence. Rather, we offer longer one-on-one appointments that include a thorough assessment, manual therapy, exercise, and education that empowers you to take ownership of your health.



At Pacific North Wellness, we strive to inspire people to live healthy and active lifestyles. We support and guide our clients on a journey to where they have renewed confidence in their physical abilities and empowered ownership over their health.


Pacific North Wellness is a place that you can come to feel supported and empowered. Our staff is focused on creating an inclusive environment for our clients to feel welcome, heard and accepted. We are a team, which means we work collaboratively to ensure our patients are getting the best treatment possible. 


Our practitioners put a lot of value on staying up to date on current research and providing high quality treatment. We want to guide our clients to explore their potential, set attainable goals and find success in whatever they need help with. 


As a team, we value supportive relationships. Our team needs to feel supported and cared for so they can support and care for our clients. We will always encourage our team to have a good life-work balance, to get outside in nature, to celebrate the successes and to have fun.

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